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Revicon Consulting SEE DOOEL Skopje is able and willing to respond to all our clients for services and contacts, with our business partners in the Region, in the area of accounting, finance and business.


Our strategic partner Revikon DOO BIH has at disposal a significant number of employed experts, and we rely on their knowledge, services and support at every moment. In over twenty years of existence, Revikon DOO BIH has held over 1000 seminars, symposiums and consultations with over 100.000 participants, on local and regional level. Revikon DOO BIH continuously publishes the professional magazine Tax consultant, and from 1998 it has published more than 100 original issues, translations of books, collections of works and brochures.



We have permanently employed experts, as well as board scope of external consultants, financial, accounting and lawl specialists, university professors, academic scientists and participants in creation and appliance of law.



Revicon Consulting SEE - Limited Liability Company, established in 2013, with headquarter in Skopje, North Macedonia.
Revikon DOO, privately owned company, established in 1997, in Sarajevo, BiH.

Vision and Mission

To become leading consulting company in the Region for financial, investment, accounting, tax and corporate law consulting.

To be able to satisfy permanently growing expectations of current and future clients with continuity and confidence.




Free enterprise based on law, highest professional and ethical standards, just and fair relation towards clients, business partners and employees.


Strategy and Resources

Strive to achieve continuous growth, improvement of existing and creation of new services, in accordance with changes in the business and social environment.



Core of professionals, permanently employed staff, created with merging the youth energy and reliability of experience,  as well as board scope of external consultants, financial, accounting and law specialists, university professors, academic scientists and participants, in creation and amending of law, highly motivated and professional, responsible, organized and confirmed in teamwork.


  • Professional accounting services and tax advice
  • Management of receivables and liabilities relations, Improvement of liquidity ratio
  • Optimizing the methods and sources of financing
  • Investment consulting in the country and the region, investment projects, specific business analysis, client-specific projects and recommendations
  • Preparing solvency reports, business plans, feasibility studies, financial, marketing and tax plans
  • Market research and market information, consulting in establishing contacts with business partners in the Region
  • Interpretation of regulations, contract consulting, plans and reorganization procedures
  • EU Funds - consulting and education in understanding EU public policies and programs, designing and preparing quality projects, financial management and project implementation procedures, monitoring and evaluation, until final reporting.